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08 Oct 2015

LOVE Table Mountain

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October 8th, 2015- I spend my time out on Table Mountain with clients having a fantastic time. I’m one of the lucky ones in the world. I love my clients. I love my job. I love this mountain, the flora and fauna, the rich history, the vibe of it all, the excitement and the peace we find while walking and seeing new vistas. This time of year is excellent hiking weather so no matter what time of day we are out, we are comfortable and happy. The flowers are in bloom & the grasses are so green from all the winter rain.
Lucie taking a rest before going up the ladder

22 Sep 2015

New Baby is here!

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May 2015-Maya Rose Medcalf was born on May 11th at 18:18 in Cape Town. Maya, Mom & Dad are healthy and happy. Thanks for all your calls, emails and messages to wish us well.

05 Jan 2015

What stands out for us most this past year?

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January 5, 2015- As some of you know, one of the things that stands out most for me in 2014 was all the movement we had on the mountain. The rocks have shifted in places reminding us that the mountain is not static, it is alive and constantly evolving. Sometimes we don’t see any changes as these can take many, many years but we had record rainfall in the winters of 2013-2014. Also, there are more and more people using Table Mountain National Park more than ever before so this adds to the erosion factor. As the ‘guardians’ of this mountain we need to be awake, and aware of what is happening and take extra precautions and also possibly start talking about some regulations. What we can do in the meantime is be mindful, aware and fully present with regards to our decisions and movements.

05 Jan 2015

Happy New Year!

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January 5, 2015- Can you believe we are in 2015?! Time seems to be moving so quickly. I’d like to thank all my clients and guests I’ve had the pleasure of guiding in 2014. It was a stellar year and I really enjoyed my work more than ever. We had many honeymooners, anniversaries celebrated, lips locked on top of the rocks, people making friends with other people in their groups, and just a whole lotta fun and excitement out on the mountain together. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating more and more with other guides as I get too busy to take each client personally. I still strive to guide each booking but sometimes I am booked for a private hike and need to have another one of the greats guide you. My husband and I were blessed with the news of a baby! So 2015 will be a year of firsts for us and we look forward to the changes the are happening. My motto is: Go with the flow. I’ll be doing this in my personal life and in my business. I look forward to seeing some of you again this year and meeting some wonderful new faces as well. All the best to you and yours in 2015!

30 Oct 2014

The misty weather offers some of the best hiking!

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October 30, 2014- We’ve had a bout of cooler temperatures lately and today in particular we had some drizzle in the morning. One of the best things about hiking is you can do it in all kinds of conditions as long as you are safe and prepared. This weather in particular is one of my favourites as it is nice and cool. As long as it’s not torrential rain and wind I’m always happy to do a walk, even if it’s shorter or not necessarily going to the top. My clients today were up for hiking a route on the lower paths of Table Mountain where we could turn back if necessary, but still get out in nature to experience the mountain. They loved it. One thing they hadn’t expected was the peace and quiet they would find out on the trail. I chose a quiet path to begin with but on days like this you rarely see another soul. We hiked for 3 hours and had a great experience. The plants were so fragrant since it had just rained. The weather cleared as the day went on and we headed to Camps Bay Beach after as they had not yet been there.
Slangolie Overhang-Misty Day