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09 May 2012

It’s been awhile!

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May 1, 2012. Excuse the silence….we have been away…getting married! We are back and better than ever! Check out our recently updated Facebook page under Mother City Hikers. We’d love to hear from you. Ciao.

09 May 2012

Rainy Cape Town winter weather hasn’t set in ….yet.

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May 6, 2012 Today we hiked up India Venster with 2 great people who are on the trip of a lifetime. Thank you for choosing to come up the mountain with Mother City Hikers! It was a perfect winters day….

07 Nov 2011

Rhino Africa hikes into the Cracks

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November 5, 2011- The weather was a bit cloudy when we woke up on the day of the hike, but there was only a slight chance of light rain and moderate winds so we decided to just get prepared and go up and have fun. My guests were Monique from Rhino Africa and her friend Shirley. Monique has booked clients with me so I wanted her to experience what hiking Table Mountain is all about. This route was perfect because you get a bit of history, mixed with a bit of exploration, and it is not a very highly used route so we hardly saw any other people at all! The mountain is full of yellow and fuschia blooms at the moment. And specifically on our route there were loads of yellow Pincushion flowers from the Protea Family (Leucospermum Conocarpodendron).

On the first section of the hike Shirley noticed some white feathers floating around just out of the corner of her eye. When she looked closer she noticed that it was a bird of prey with a victim which was most likely a field mouse or another small bird. We watched him eat for awhile and then we moved on. What a sight!! That was a first for me and I am glad Shirley had her eyes open. So many times while we hike we tend to look down at the ground while we are walking. And rightly so, as we need to make sure of our footing, but this to me was a little lesson in taking time to look around more often and notice the little things that may pass you by if you aren’t looking.

We stopped in Slangolie Overhang for a snack and a rest before heading around the buttress and up Corridor Ravine. We paced the hike up the steep bit and we all hardly even noticed the climb. We were up before we knew it looking around and scoping out the rest of the peninsula that we could see from up there. From the top you can see DeVilliers Reservoir wall, Orange Kloof, and a great view of Muizenberg beach. From the top we headed to a very special place called Tranquility Cracks. Here there are many rock formations formed by wind and rain erosion. It is a great place to explore and a welcome shady spot to chill for awhile in the summer months. We had lunch up at the top and just enjoyed the views from up there of the backside of Table Mountain and down below us the Atlantic Ocean.

From there we made our way along the 12 Apostles path to the Old Cableway and ‘diving board’ rock. We took Kasteelspoort route down and saw a frog in the swampy area just as you start down. All in all the hike was great. The weather cooperated and we were perfectly happy out there on the rocks.

23 Aug 2011

India Venster-Table Mountain

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August 20, 2011- Today was an early start up India Venster route. Saturdays are busy on the mountain so the earlier you get started, the better. My clients were two ladies Helen from the UK and Jen from Canada who have both been living in Bermuda for a few years. They were on the trip of a lifetime visiting Cape Town and other amazing African destinations and while they were here they wanted to take a trip up the beautiful Table Mountain and I was the person to take them. We started out on the Kloof Corner route up to the contour path where we sat and looked out over Camps Bay and I told them a bit about Cape Town’s history. From there we took the contour path to the start of India Venster just above the Cable Station. From there we headed up our route. Both girls were doing very well and we took our time stopping to take in the views every so often. This route has 4 rock pitches you need to ascend up and the girls did great. It takes a bit of upper body strength and they had it. We enjoyed the Venster, or window and the climbing parts. The girls were in awe of all the beauty that surrounded them. I am always thankful for clients who appreciate seeing what I see every day. It is a great reminder of the absolute beauty of nature that envelops us in this city of Cape Town. Thanks ladies! I had a great day.

23 Aug 2011

Tranquility Cracks-Table Mountain

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August 9, 2011- This was a lucky last minute hike booked by Alex and Sydney from Connecticut. I always like taking guests from my homeland so I knew from the start this was gonna be a great hike….and it was. Alex is very much into the outdoors so he was amped and his sister Sydney was more than willing to go along and see what it’s all about. We started on the Camps Bay side of the mountain and walked along the Pipe track until we hit Slangolie Ravine where we had a little stop for a snack before heading further up the mountain. Shortly after that we had to fix Sydney’s heels up as she was feeling the start of blisters. Then we continued our way up Corridor Ravine and were all alone for a long time, which is why this is one of my favorite routes. At the top we hung out on the rocks and then went into Tranquility Cracks to explore more! We loved it in the cracks and got some great photos and had a nice relaxing lunch up there too. From there we made our way to the Old Cableway and down Kasteelspoort  in the sunshine. As were were making our way down there was a medical helicopter searching the mountain and it was a bit disconcerting until we saw that they found who they were looking for. Turned out it was a diabetic who was hiking who hadn’t eaten all day. But they were already at the bottom of the trail and she was receiving medical attention. Just another reminder to always be aware of what your body is feeling and to not ignore it. I truly enjoyed these clients who were so grateful for their experience on the mountain. Thank you Alex and Sydney!!