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23 Aug 2011

Orange Kloof-Disa Gorge

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August 3, 2011-Today was a beaut of a day as we started out at Constantia Nek going into Orange Kloof with our permit at 8am. Weather was perfect…light wind and a perfect winters day. My guests were Melodie from France, Craig from SA who has just moved back to this amazing country from London, & my friends Brian and Ang from Cape Town. We took the jeep track up to the single track and met up with the Hoerrigwaggo trail and carried on up Disa Gorge through there. The views at the start and all along the way are unbelievable. Disa Gorge is one of my favorite places to walk as it is so isolated and the terrain is beautiful and full of ferns and wet drips everywhere with the water rushing by down below. We hiked up to the top wall which is the Woodhead Dam and had a look around. We went to take a look at the museum which holds the old steam train used to take materials to the building sites when they were building the dams, but it wasn’t open so we just peeked through the windows. We went over to Kasteelspoort where the Old Cableway used to come up and Craig was the brave one and took a picture out on the ‘diving board’-a rock that resembles a diving board out into the abyss. We then took a little detour to Rondevous Cave which you can go all the way through to the other side and headed back down the backside into Orange Kloof. From there we went and explored the Old Woodhead Tunnel which was a real treat. So much to explore that it is nice to go and find these treasures sometimes instead of just walking past.

03 Jun 2011

Hout Bay Treasures

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June 1, 2011-Needing to get out in the wintry weather Brian and I went out for a little adventure in Hout Bay. Little did I know what treasures it holds! We started out in Bavianskloof going through an indigenous forest with streams running through it. We hiked up above the pine tree line and headed for a peak called Skoorsteenberg. Some of the trail was well marked and other parts were off-trail climbing up here and there til we reached the top. The views from the top are absolutely amazing!! It was a clear day with a bit of mist but it added to the mystique of the surrounding mountains. Once near the top you begin to see the ‘Back Table’ or ‘Agter Tafel’ in Afrikaans….the back side of our beautiful Table Mountain, you see Sentinel Peak, Chapman’s Peak, Vlakkenberg, the backside of Constantiaberg and wonderful 360 degree views of Hout Bay and the harbour. After our hike there we proceeded to the Bavianskloof waterfall which is a short hike from the start and is breathtaking this time of year. What an absolute treat we had today.

20 Apr 2011

India Venster

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April 17, 2011: We started our hike at 1:30 in the afternoon but since it is Autumn in Cape Town the sun wasn’t too hot for us. My guest was Shane from Toronto, Canada who was very interesting indeed. We started out on the Kloof Corner trail to make it a bit more scenic than heading up the normal route just below the cable car. The weather was perfect and we had a lot of fun scrambling up the steep rocky sections, and catching a rest in the shady spots when we found them. The flowers aren’t out in huge numbers at the moment but we did see a few King Proteas in bloom. As we came around the corner of Fountain Ledge there were about 10 Dassies(Rock Hyrax), which are little marmot type animals whose closest relative DNA wise is the elephant believe it or not! Looking at these small animals you wouldn’t say so but it has to do with the similarities in their teeth and feet. It was very cool just watching them for a while. All in all another great day on the mountain!

21 Feb 2011

Cape Grace Concierge team!

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February 21, 2011- Today my guests were 4 members of the Cape Grace concierge team. The Cape Grace is a top hotel in Cape Town and I wanted to show them what an outing with Mother City Hikers was like. The weather this morning was threatening to be windy but soon after we started it subsided and let us enjoy a peaceful hike. We went along the Pipe Track, up Corridor Ravine to Tranquility Cracks for some exploring, and finally down where the old cableway used to be. There weren’t too many species of flowers in bloom but we did see many shades of green all over. Table Mountain is constantly changing and it looks as if there was a rock fall in Slangolie Ravine near where the pipes are exposed. It was just a bit washed away at one point. We saw 3 other hikers the entire 5 hours which is one of the reasons I love that side of the mountain…nice and peaceful! Everyone did really great and we made it in time for them to get back to work…hope you guys are feeling strong today!

28 Jan 2011

Remedy for a hot day: Newlands Forest

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Jan 25, 2011: Today we started out early as it was supposed to be very hot. My guests were Angelique from Cape Town, and Amanda from Canada. I planned to go and find this natural water spring in Newlands and then go for a hike in the forest. We easily found the spring and the water was magnificent! Next we hit the forest which was very shady and cool. In Newlands there are many interesting varieties of trees and plants(local and alien). We stopped along the way to learn about the trees and found our way to a picnic spot where we chilled out for about  half hour under the canopy of trees just listening to the birds and talking about life. We were hiking for around 3 hours and we needed to get back to town, otherwise I think we could have stayed there all day long.