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05 Feb 2014

Cape of Good Hope

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February 3, 2014- Today I took some fellow Americans around the peninsula to the Cape of Good Hope. We did a 1.5 hour walk from Cape Point to the Cape of Good Hope. It was picture perfect out there and although we didn’t see any baboons or zebra we saw a few little dassies foraging in the grass along the cliffs. They were too cute! Dassie is the local name for a rock hyrax. It’s a small, brown, furry animal that looks like it belongs to a family of groundhogs or rodent of some sort. However, this mammal is most closely related to the elephant believe it or not! Their DNA is most similar. They think the elephant and the dassie both decended from a common ancestor, some sort of sea manatee.

05 Feb 2014

Happy honeymooning on Table Mountain

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January 31, 2014- Today was one of the hottest days of the summer by far and I had clients who wanted to hike up the mountain in time to catch the sunset. So you know what that means? We have to start the hike at the hottest time of day, 3pm. I spoke to Mo & Ken when I picked them up to tell them my concerns about hiking in the heat. We made an adjustment to the route and we started up Kloof Corner to the Camps Bay lookout. Once we arrived we took a few photos and Mo wasn’t feeling so well. We decided that was it. We would walk along the contour path and take the steps down to the cableway, in order for us to hitch a ride to the top. On on top we did a 2 hour loop offering 360 degree views. This turned out to be the perfect route! We sat out at a lookout point overlooking Camps Bay for awhile enjoying the sun going down over the Atlantic. The temperature could not have been better! No wind, and it was neither hot nor cold-just perfect. I have to say I loved these two. They were so much fun and so happy to be in South Africa. Next time: we do a morning hike to beat the heat, then go up for sunset later in the cableway.


30 Jun 2013

One more hike

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June 30, 2013- Cindy booked about 6 months in advance. I love when I know people are coming and I have time to prepare. We had been in contact trying to get the right hike for her, her husband and their 2 boys who just graduated high school and college. We decided on the Tranquility Cracks route. We had a lovely hike and they were a really fun bunch. I think John was most excited for the beer afterward but he had fun and we did some adventurous sections which was fun. This is my last hike as I’m going to the USA to see my family tomorrow. It was nice to leave on a high! Thanks McHugh’s!

30 Jun 2013

Last minute hike, yes please

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June 27, 2013- I got a call around 10am from Ursula at Rouge on Rose guesthouse in the BoKaap asking if I was available to take some guests up today, like Of course! I spoke to the people and we decided I better just come there and chat to them and we will decide on the route from there. We decided together on the Kasteelpoort to the Cableway route. What a perfect day it was and everyone did so well. They were a bit worried at the beginning as it looks like it is so far to the top, and they have been drinking and eating all the good stuff since they arrived in Cape Town! But, they did it! We all had a great time. I love last minute bookings in winter. Summertime it would have been to hot to start that late, but that is the beauty of winter in Cape Town.

30 Jun 2013


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June 24, 2013- Kristy booked long ago to go up Table Mountain with her husband up the adventurous route, India Venster. Unfortunately, today was cloudy and windy and the predicted forecast wasn’t good either for later in the fact it was getting worse as time went on. We kept in touch and I kept updating her on the weather. I liked how she sounded on email, saying things like ‘I’ll go, as long as you’ll go’. I like people who aren’t scared, and it was just a bit of drizzle. I went and met her at her hotel. She said her husband wasn’t interested anymore in going, and I said that we can’t do the adventurous route any longer as it will be too dangerous. I suggested we do Lions Head and that way we could keep an eye on the weather and we could turn back when we felt we had enough. We ended up getting half way up the mountain and turning back as the wind was whipping around the eastern side of the mountain. I say a little time on the mountain is better than none at all! It was good to get out and show her a bit of the area.