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18 Jun 2013

Kasteelpoort to the Cableway

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May 19, 2013- Sandra arrived in Cape Town the night before our hike so she hadn’t seen a thing once I picked her up. She wanted to get a birds eye view of the city and also get a good grasp on Cape Town and this was the perfect intro. I love when people book first thing as getting out on the mountain immediately gets them involved rather than just looking at it from a bus or the cablecar. They also learn so much more about the history and flora and fauna by hiking instead. Sandra is involved with renewable energy in Switzerland and it was so interesting to hear what the new trends are and some fun stuff I had no idea about. I love my job because it is such a nice exchange of information all around. The first pic here is of Sandra with her little lion she takes traveling with her. I thought it was so cute! The second pic is of her at the top of Kasteelpoort and where the Old Cableway used to be.

18 Jun 2013

3rd time is a charm!

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April 30, 2013- Paul & Jane have hiked with me twice before. Once to Tranquility Cracks and the other time up Skeleton Gorge. Each time they hike they get a new perspective on the mountain, new views, learn more history and get a better grasp of where they are in the world. I want to show them all sides of the mountain so they are able to one day hike on their own, with their maps, but with a good general understanding of the mountain so they can have an enjoyable time. This time we started at Silvermine and hiked part of the Hoerigwaggo Trail to Constantia Nek. It is a gentle uphill climb at first until you reach the Hout Bay lookout point, then it is a gentle downhill and traverse across to Constantia, where you then start climbing again up Vlakkenberg and then finally down into Constantia again. It was a wonderful day out with these two. Unfortunately my camera wasn’t working so I have no pics of our trip together.

18 Jun 2013

I love my job

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April 22, 2013- Carol was at the start of an epic African trip when I met her. She had just arrived in Cape Town-the City of Dreams, when she decided to do a hike. I picked her up from her hotel and took her up the mountain. We had such a wonderful time as we had so much in common and we also had a perfect day to be out. I always love the people I take out, and some people make you feel like this is exactly what you should be doing. Carol is one of those people. I had such a wonderful time guiding her, expanding her comfort zone but keeping her safe at the same time.

18 Jun 2013

India Venster

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April 21, 2013- Sarah was in South Africa working on a television commercial. Loads of people come to Cape Town to do this and Sarah is one of the lucky ones. She had a day at the end of her trip so she decided to hike up Table Mountain with me. We decided the India Venster route was for her as she wanted a challenge. We had a wonderful morning out there and we had just the right amount of challenge for Sarah. Living in NYC she doesn’t always get these types of experiences but she had the right mindset and sense of adventure.

18 Jun 2013

Beautiful Sunday morning hike

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April 14, 2013- Lyndall was in Cape Town for work but she had a day or two to do some exploring so she chose to take the time to hike up Table Mountain with me. We decided on the Tranquility Cracks route. Phillipa from RUN CAPE TOWN also joined us. Phillipa does sightseeing tours ‘on the run’ around town. We had a perfect day, and we all got along great chatting the whole way about our lives and South Africa & Australia where Lyndall is from. Days like these are the best. Three girls who didn’t really know each other before were now connecting on the mountain and sharing something magnificent together.