Cape of Good Hope

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February 3, 2014- Today I took some fellow Americans around the peninsula to the Cape of Good Hope. We did a 1.5 hour walk from Cape Point to the Cape of Good Hope. It was picture perfect out there and although we didn’t see any baboons or zebra we saw a few little dassies foraging in the grass along the cliffs. They were too cute! Dassie is the local name for a rock hyrax. It’s a small, brown, furry animal that looks like it belongs to a family of groundhogs or rodent of some sort. However, this mammal is most closely related to the elephant believe it or not! Their DNA is most similar. They think the elephant and the dassie both decended from a common ancestor, some sort of sea manatee.

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Today is a beautiful day. Let's get outside and enjoy it!
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