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29 Oct 2010

What have we been up to?

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December 2, 2010: Today was amazing! We went up Lions Head around  8 this morning so we didn’t get hit with the mid day heat. My guest was Benita, a Zimbabwean who tried hiking for the first time in her life today.She did great and absolutely loved it. The weather was perfect and we saw loads of flowers and a few rock agamas(lizards). Thread-leaved Klaas Louw bushes (Athanasia crithmifolia) were everywhere! There were loads of Purple Watsonias (Watsonia borbonica), Wild Dagga(Leonotis leonurus) on the sea-side of the mountain, and as we stopped for a break I noticed one of my favorite flowers…Lady’s Hand (Cyanella hyacinthoides). It is called Lady’s Hand because the stamens look like a miniature lady’s hand and it even looks like there are fingernails!