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June 24, 2013- Kristy booked long ago to go up Table Mountain with her husband up the adventurous route, India Venster. Unfortunately, today was cloudy and windy and the predicted forecast wasn’t good either for later in the day..in fact it was getting worse as time went on. We kept in touch and I kept updating her on the weather. I liked how she sounded on email, saying things like ‘I’ll go, as long as you’ll go’. I like people who aren’t scared, and it was just a bit of drizzle. I went and met her at her hotel. She said her husband wasn’t interested anymore in going, and I said that we can’t do the adventurous route any longer as it will be too dangerous. I suggested we do Lions Head and that way we could keep an eye on the weather and we could turn back when we felt we had enough. We ended up getting half way up the mountain and turning back as the wind was whipping around the eastern side of the mountain. I say a little time on the mountain is better than none at all! It was good to get out and show her a bit of the area.

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