The wind won’t stop us!

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December 14, 2010:  Today was a day to remember. We had Roger from Limerick, Ireland with us,  Jen & Tracy who are in Cape Town for a friends wedding, and Alison & Mike who live in Hull, England. I planned an adventurous hike up India Venster but as I checked the weather forecast the wind just wasn’t letting up. I picked up my guests for the day and we decided to rather be safe than sorry and go up Lions Head which is protected at times when the South Easterly wind is blowing. We agreed we would still have fun even though our route would be a shorter ascent than planned. We took a leisurely walk up taking in the views and learning a few of the local plants. Alison was a bit frightened at first of the ladders and chain section(which is optional) but she watched as the others went up, and I guided her up step by step. She did it without a problem and next time will be even easier for her! We enjoyed a snack &  the weather up top wondering where all the wind was. We thoroughly enjoyed our morning and were glad we got down before 11:30 when it starts to get very hot.

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Today is a beautiful day. Let's get outside and enjoy it!
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