Tranquility Cracks

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December 20, 2010: Today we did a full day hike on Table Mountain. The weather was perfect and we were able to enjoy all day without any wind. My guests today were  Roger from Ireland, Joanne and Travis from Cape Town, Ray from St. Francis in the Eastern Cape. We started early at 7am exactly going up the Camps Bay side of the mountain to Tranquility Cracks. We climbed up a ravine and explored inside the rock formations that were created by wind and water erosion for awhile before having a snack on a perfect rock that fit all of us with a view over Camps Bay, Lions Head, and part of the back side of Table Mountain. From there we hiked up the backside of Table Mountain thru the Valley of Isolation to the cable station where we took the easy way down…the cable car! Along the way we saw a few birds, loads of Table Mountain Watsonias(Watsonia Tabularis), some frogs in the marshy areas on the backside, and one empty Hely-Hutchison dam. The views on this hike are amazing and the company was great!

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Today is a beautiful day. Let's get outside and enjoy it!
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