Our water shortage…is the City of Cape Town doing enough?

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August 30, 2017.

We’ve been in a drought in Cape Town for the past 3 years. Each year it worsened but in the last year the drought has gotten significantly worse. Up until about 6 months ago most of the people we would take hiking had no idea we are in a serious drought and water could run out fast. The people of Cape Town are much more aware of their water usage and are looking for ways to save and reuse as much water in their homes as possible. More and more the hotels are informing their guests about the state of our province and each person visiting from other places tries to make a small difference. Right now, as we walk on Table Mountain the streams and rivers overflow. I can’t help to think…is the City of Cape Town doing enough? There is so much water running off the mountain, down under the city and out into the ocean. I feel that we are just not harvesting this water properly. We wait for our reservoirs to fill in far off places when we have so much water right in front of our noses! I think if we can respectfully & mindfully use more of this perfect water that our mountain gives then we would be in better shape all around. Of course, we can’t rely on this water for 100% of our needs, but if each of us has our own harvesting system at home and water saving measures we can make the load much lighter on the treated water that comes into each of our homes.

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