What have we been up to?

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July 25. 2014- It’s been awhile since my last post. I like to think I can do it all, but I am best at the guiding and not the technological side of things. Besides that, life has been good for Mother City Hikers. Winter is a time for us to regenerate, reenergise and recreate what we will be doing in the year ahead. To regenerate this winter I went back homes to the USA to see my friends and family. Wow, we traveled quite a bit in the States as we have a lot of people we like to see all over. We got to see lots of new places and hike in some of the most beautiful spots! From the wet, mossy old growth forests and waterfalls in Oregon to the high altitude peaks with snow still around in Aspen, Colorado to the sandstone cliffs and waterfalls I found right near my hometown in Illinois I found so much peace while I was there. I did some silent walks and I did some hikes to catch up with old friends. Both were just what I needed.

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Today is a beautiful day. Let's get outside and enjoy it!
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