Wolfberg Cracks

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Jan 1, 2011- To ring in the new year we took a trip to the Cederberg, a magnificent mountain range about 2+ hours from Cape Town. We started about 7am on the 1st and headed to find a swimming hole we found on our map. After finding the little path alongside the road we followed a dry riverbed for about 500 meters until we came upon the most secluded spot. Not another soul was around for miles and miles. We took some time to swim, relax, and take in the beauty around us. After that we drove to get our permit for hiking the Wolfberg Cracks and started out. First you drive thru some interesting rock formations called  ‘the Valley of the Red Gods’ which reminded me of Goblin Valley in Utah. The day was a bit overcast which was nice because the Cederberg is known for its hot, dry, very extreme temperatures. It took us about an hour to reach the cracks and then the exploring began. The rock formations are just enormous and very dramatic. We found our way around a decided to go the harder route thru the canyon which turned out to be much more exciting than the easy way in which we descended. We climbed through dark passageways, over and under rocks, and had a sheltered spot under this massive natural rock arch when it started to rain. Rain is very infrequent in the summer in the Cederberg but we packed our rain coats so we were warm and happy. We had a snack under the arch and let the rain pass and then continued on out of the cracks and back through the easy way, linking up with the original path down. We were very lucky with our timing because just as we got back to the car a hail thunderstorm came cascading down on us. Altogether it took us about 4 hours with lots of time for exploring and photos. What an amazing place to go re-energize for the year ahead!

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